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Several of my books are only available as eBooks. In 2010 I released three eBooks that all went on to become massive bestsellers – The Basement (a serial killer story with a great twist), Once Bitten (about vampires in Los Angeles) and Dreamer’s Cat (a science-fiction murder mystery). The Basement was a Kindle US Number 1 bestseller and it also topped the UK Kindle charts for many months. Amazon Encore went on to publish The Basement and Once Bitten and in 2011 I self-published The Bestseller, a thriller about a writer who plans to commit a murder and write about it. I have also written several short stories about a Singapore police detective, Inspector Zhang. They are locked-room mysteries and I really enjoyed writing them. At the moment they are only available as eBooks.


The Bestseller

Would you kill to write a bestseller? A writer plans to do just that.

Dreamer's Cat

Murder mystery in a world where virtual reality is a way of life.

The Basement

A detective/serial killer story with a great twist at the end.

Once Bitten

Psychologist on the trail of vampires in Los Angeles.


Take Two - Stephen Leather

Take Two

A famous TV soap opera star bears witness to a gory execution.

Still Bleeding - Stephen Leather

Still Bleeding

Nightingale deals with a young girl who appears to be suffering from a case of Stigmata.

Blood Bath - Stephen Leather

Blood Bath

The stories in Blood Bath were all inspired by the title and the cover.


I have made four locked room mysteries available as eBooks in which Inspector Zhang of the Singapore Police Force attempts to solve impossible crimes.

Inspector Zhang Gets His

Inspector Zhang investigates a locked room murder in a top hotel.

Inspector Zhang And The Falling Woman

Inspector Zhang investigates a suicide that could be murder.

Inspector Zhang And The Dead Thai Gangster

Inspector Zhang is on a plane when a passenger dies mysteriously.

Inspector Zhang And The Disappearing Drugs

Inspector Zhang is called in when a consignment of drugs vanishes.



I have also tried my hand at erotic short stories, only available as eBooks. When I have enough I plan to publish them in a book titled Asian Heat.

Banging Bill’s Wife

A stockbroker gets involved in a gang-bang in Pattaya.

The Pregnant Wife

A man’s life changes when he has sex with a pregnant wife.

The Alphabet Game

A sex game in Thailand doesn’t go as planned.

The Threesome - Stephen Leather

The Threesome

Jimmy seems to have forgotten his brain at home.

The Ladyboy Lover - Stephen Leather

The Ladyboy Lover

Man has wife and 3 kids, man meets Ladyboy, man leaves wife.



Private Dancer

Writer meets Thai bargirl, falls in love, and lives to regret it.


For many years Private Dancer was unpublished, and was only available as an on-line download. It has now been published in Thailand and Singapore, and it is available on Kindle.


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Bangkok Bob & The Missing Mormon

If you’ve read Stephen Leather before, you probably have an idea of what is in store when you pick up this book. And it doesn’t disappoint, in fact, Bangkok Bob is easily interesting enough to be worthy of a dozen sequels. Bob is a rather low key character who hails from the USA and lives in Bangkok. He splits his time between enjoying the finer things in Thai culture and dabbling in some selective detective work. As the story unwinds, we see more sides to Bob than a polygon on steroids.



The Eight Curious Cases Of Inspector Zhang

A collection of eight locked room mysteries set in Singapore featuring Detective Inspector Zhang



Spider Shepherd SAS: Volume 1

Six short stories featuring Spider Shepherd during his SAS days. The stories are - Hard Targets, Natural Selection, Narrow Escape, Warning Order, Hostile Territory and Rough Diamonds



Spider Shepherd SAS: Volume 2

Six more short stories featuring Spider Shepherd during his SAS days. The stories are - Personal Protection, The Rope, Planning Pack, Friendly Fire, Dead Drop, and 
Kill Zone.