Last Man Standing - Stephen Leather

When SAS trooper Matt Standing is told that the former Navy SEAL who saved his life is in trouble, he doesn't hesitate to go to his aid - even if that means flying half way around the world to Los Angeles.

Navy SEAL-turned-bodyguard Bobby-Ray Barnes has been accused of killing the man he was supposed to be protecting. Three other bodyguards were also killed and now Bobby-Ray is on the run.

The dead client was a Russian oligarch with connections to the Kremlin. But who wanted him dead? And if Bobby-Ray wasn't the killer, who carried out the assassination and why is Bobby-Ray being framed? Standing is the only man who can answer those questions - providing he can stay alive long enough. For that he'll need the help of an old SAS friend, Dan 'Spider' Shepherd.




I introduced Matt Standing in the Spider book Light Touch and he was such a great character that I just had to bring him back. The great thing about Standing as a character is that he is still in the SAS so can be used on military operations, something which Spider obviously can’t do. I was also able to use Richard Yokely, another Spider stalwart, in this book. He’s a great character to write about and I’m planning to give Yokely his own story at some point.