Moving Targets - Stephen Leather

Moving Targets - Stephen Leather book cover

Moving Targets is an action-packed thriller featuring Spider Shepherd during his SAS days, before he signed up as an undercover cop and worked for MI5.

Not all terrorists are driven by religion or politics. Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd and his SAS team are on the trail of a terrorist whose motives are much more personal. Sabit Kusen wants revenge and doesn’t care how many innocents he kills along the way.

Shepherd and his team hunt their quarry around the world – from Athens to Paris to Zurich to Singapore and on to Sydney, but the elusive Kusen is always one step ahead of them.

Can Shepherd catch Sabit Kusen before he carries out his most audacious attack? And does he have what it takes to pull the trigger to end the fanatic’s reign of terror?

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It’s always fun to explore Spider in his SAS days when he was younger and fitter and his exploits tended to involve lots of guns. I shall hopefully do more in the future.