The Bag Carrier - Stephen Leather

The Bag Carrier - Stephen Leather book cover

A dead body in the prayer hall of a mosque isn’t the best start to the day for anyone.

But for Detective Inspector Harold Porter it’s all in a day’s work – he’s a Murder Detective with the Metropolitan Police’s Homicide and Serious Crimes Command.

The problem is that DI Porter has been given a new partner – a young Muslim detective by the name of Mohammed Salim Nasri.

Nasri and Porter are both British and they are both cops, but they look at the world – and the case – from completely different viewpoints.

And when that case includes Islamic terrorists, acid-throwing fundamentalists and knife-wielding fanatics that can only mean problems.

As Porter and Nasri work to solve the murder case, MI5 is watching over their shoulders and one wrong move could mean a major terrorist incident exploding in the capital.

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I did a lot of research on this book, including visiting a Major Incident Room in North London and talking to murder detectives. I wanted the book to show how a murder is really investigated, including all the PC bureaucracy that is involved. I planned this to be the start of a series but Hodder and Stoughton didn’t like the idea and my agent at the time wasn’t able to sell it, so I ended up self publishing it through Amazon’s White Glove program. I still think the idea has legs, maybe with Potter getting a new partner at the start if each book. We’ll see!