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Four men. They've never met, and they've got nothing in common - except that they all fought in Vietnam. And each in his own way has come to a crisis point in his life.

When they all sign up for a veterans' tour of Vietnam's former combat zones, some are hoping to exorcize the past, others to simply escape the present.

But then they meet a man who has very different plans for them. Colonel Joel Tyler is offering them a once-only chance to turn back the clock, to revive old skills, and to take part in the most spectacular operation of their lives.

This time their mission will take them not into the jungle but into the teeming heart of Asia's financial capital - Hong Kong. Their aim, to pull off a robbery of stunning ingenuity and extraordinary daring.

But the ghosts of betrayal and defeat have not finished with them yet.

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The Vets was the second book of a two-book deal I had with Hodder & Stoughton, the first being The Chinaman. I wrote it in Hong Kong and Paris, then finished it off while I was in Baltimore. It was a huge book - almost 300,000 words when I finally finished, and I ended up throwing away almost a third. It's still my biggest book by far. I guess it was because it was the first book I wrote full-time, my earlier books had always been written while I had other jobs. The fact that I was doing it full-time also meant that I could spend more time doing research, including traveling to Vietnam.

While in Vietnam doing research for The Vets I got the idea for The Tunnel Rats, but it was several years before I got down to actually writing the book.

The plot of The Vets is really complex, and I'm very proud of it. It's full of well-drawn characters and I think I really capture the atmosphere in Hong Kong prior to its handover to China. . I think the title could have been better but my editor Bill Massey and I wracked our brains for months and couldn't come up with anything else.