Useful Links - Stephen Leather Website of my Web Designer and Developer Jacob Lewis. Cover designer Derek Murphy – he revamped my Short Fuses cover and I can definitely recommend him. Great site with info on Thailand and all things Thai. Terrific site for anyone who loves thrillers. A website run by my good pal Dave The Rave, extolling the virtues of Thailand’s naughty nightlife. Website of my Bangkok-based Estonian writer friend Mai Loog. A Spider Shepherd website. A Stephen Leather fan site. My blog. Poets And Writers Online, a US website containing advice on getting published and articles on writing, grants and awards. www.screenwriter.comAdvice on writing for film with screenplay analysis and expert articles. A US shopping website packed with goodies for writersbooks, computer software and writing courses. The Authors' Licensing and Copyright Society, which handles payments to authors as a result of library borrowing. The site has details of how to join and links to related sites. The Eclectic Writer is a US-based website which has a host of articles to help wannabe writers including advice on preparing manuscripts and writing a synopsis. Official website of the Writers Guild of Great Britain with information on rates of pay and articles on copyright, writers' resources and industry regulations. A US site which aims to match writers, editors and agents, it contains The Internet Directory of Published Writers and The Internet Directory of Literary Agents. Website for the screenwriting program. Site about Thailand run by my good friend Stickman. A must for anyone planning to visit the Land of Smiles. Advice on teaching English in Thailand. Lots of info about Thailand. Website about my favourite resort in Thailand. Stephen Leather books on Fantastic Fiction. Stephen Leather books on EBay. Stephen Leather books in order. Stephen Leather on IMDb. Stephen Leather on Facebook. Stephen Leather books at Waterstones. Stephen Leather guestpost on J Konrath blog. Stephen Leather at Smashwords. Interview with Stephen Leather. Stephen Leather fiction list. Stephen Leather success story. Stephen Leather books on Lovereading. Stephen Leather audiobooks. Stephen Leather on Lovereading. List of Stephen Leather books. Stephen Leather on Overdrive. Stephen Leather’s New York Night.